Within a span of 4 weeks, you will become proficient in every aspect of developing a startup within the crypto industry and successfully launch your own venture catering to the global market.

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Developing Skills
Launching your idea

Course duration:

9 weeks

Start date:

April 17

Course type:

Online course

Lecture type:

Lessons recorded in advance that you can learn at your preferred speed


Canadian entrepreneur and investor

A graduate in Applied Sciences from the University of Waterloo

Andrei Aristov

Canadian entrepreneur and investor

A graduate in Applied Sciences from the University of Waterloo

My journey began with a passion for programming. Seven years ago, I was an ordinary individual pursuing a hobby. However, presently, I am the entrepreneur responsible for successful startups that focus on the US market. My repertoire of ventures includes a flourishing e-commerce platform for women's apparel with tens of thousands of daily visitors, one of the premier web development companies based in Toronto, and a startup in cryptocurrency gambling.

Instructor's startups


This startup in the cryptocurrency gambling sector blends the transparency of blockchain technology with well-liked poker mechanics. Additionally, incorporating elements of play-to-earn (P2E) enhances the addictiveness of the game.


An internet-based women's clothing store positioned in the mid-price segment that offers a distinctive collection of apparel, including its own designs.

Web Design

A web development company that covers the entire process of website creation. It collaborates with a diverse range of clients across North America, including major industrial corporations and multiple cities in the United States.

Who this course is for

This course is suitable for individuals who aspire to bring their business idea to life

You will acquire knowledge on how to design a project from the ground up, identify the essential components required for each project, and gain the proficiency to execute them

It caters to entrepreneurs who have yet to launch their business to a global audience

You will grasp the mindset of investors, master the art of presenting your project, and understand the channels necessary to attract investments

The course is ideal for those intrigued by the cryptocurrency sector and who seek to implement their innovative concepts

With our assistance, a startup in the crypto industry will no longer appear obscure and perplexing

What you'll learn

Master the art of describing your idea

Learn to identify all the crucial elements of your idea and structure them effectively to convey its unique value proposition

Learn to research competitors

Discover how to identify your competitors in the market, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and gain a competitive edge

Develop your marketing skills

Acquire the knowledge and techniques required to create marketing content that accurately represents your project's vision and attracts the right audience

Learn to secure funding from VCs

Master the skills needed to communicate effectively with investors, promote your project, and secure funding to turn your vision into a successful business


Join students,
who have already become successful entrepreneurs


This course is amazing, especially for those starting out. We began with the fundamentals of idea description and ended up creating our own project! It's simply fantastic!


Many thanks to Andrei for this fantastic course, which has enabled me to start building my own NFT portal! I've always aspired to be a part of the crypto industry!


With this course, you'll be able to launch your idea right after completing it. The instructors are excellent, the learning structure is convenient, and there is plenty of supplementary material available.

How to launch a startup?

- Understanding the primary objective

- Steps to take towards achieving it

- Common pitfalls to avoid

Lecture on working with ChatGPT from the startup course

How to launch a startup?

- Understanding the primary objective

- Steps to take towards achieving it

- Common pitfalls to avoid

Lecture on working with ChatGPT from the startup course

Course content

  • Meet the instructor and course overview
  • Learning objectives and outcomes
  • Familiarizing with the learning platform and resources
  • Overview of the project: Define the project in a concise summary and explain why it’s necessary, what problems it addresses, and what solutions it provides
  • Competitor analysis: Identify competitors in the field, analyze their offerings, and determine what sets your project apart
  • Technical documentation: Develop technical documentation to support your project and ensure it’s feasible to execute
  • Product Composition: Identify the parts that make up the product and explain their respective functions
  • Product Interaction: Explain how the different parts of the product interact with each other
  • Technology Stack: Discuss the technologies used in product development, highlighting any unique ones, and the benefits they bring to the project and users
  • The Purpose of Blockchain Technology for the Product
  • Understanding Blockchain Technology and Its Types for the Project
  • Determining the Need for Other Blockchains in the Project
  • Evaluation of Blockchain Bridges and Their Necessity in the Project
  • Understanding the market demand for the product
  • Identifying the general target market and realistically achievable market size
  • Methods used for market evaluation
  • Developing a market entry strategy
  • Creating a plan to attract the first users to the product
  • Understanding the target audience and user persona with real-world examples
  • Creating a user journey map and identifying key touchpoints
  • Analyzing user feedback and improving the user experience
  • Implementing user-centered design principles to enhance user satisfaction and engagement
  • Token utility: How will project tokens be used and what benefits do they offer
  • Token economics: Designing inflationary and deflationary mechanisms to manage token supply and demand
  • Token distribution: How will tokens be distributed among stakeholders and what is the schedule
  • Seed funding: Seed Price, Seed Date, Seed Raise, Seed Valuation – understanding the basics of seed funding for blockchain startups
  • Utilizing investments: How to use attracted investments to grow the project and achieve key milestones
  • Building a team: identifying necessary roles and finding team members
  • Role allocation: assigning tasks and responsibilities to team members
  • Creating a LinkedIn profile for professional networking
  • Developing a roadmap for the project
  • Creating compelling marketing content
  • Design and branding strategy
  • Establishing presence on social media platforms like Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and Medium
  • Preparation of technical documentation for the project
  • Building a website for the project
  • Collaborations and partnerships
  • Initial DEX Offerings (IDO)
  • Launchpads and exchanges for listing
  • Market makers and strategies for liquidity
  • Preventing “sniping” during the launch
  • Considerations for the project’s jurisdiction
  • Crafting an effective pitch deck or presentation to potential investors
  • Finding and connecting with venture capital funds or angel investors and best practices for pitching to them
  • Strategies for attracting investments and building relationships with investors

What are
the minimum requirements?

You will need a computer or laptop to study lectures and complete assignments

No specific technical requirements are necessary for your PC/laptop

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    Definitely! The course is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced individuals. The program and learning process are structured in a way that ensures effective learning. Additionally, you can revisit lectures, seek clarifications, and receive prompt assistance from the course instructor.

    The homework is structured in modules that lead you towards creating your own project. It begins with developing a project idea, goes into further details, and ends with creating materials for promoting the project.

    The course is designed to be flexible, allowing you to study at your own pace and balance it with work and personal commitments. The lectures will be available throughout the course, giving you the opportunity to review and refresh your knowledge whenever necessary.

    English proficiency is not a requirement for the course. ChatGPT will be used for content creation, and it generates English texts effectively. Additionally, the programs used in the course have a interface in many languages.

    Enrollment in the course is limited, so it is recommended to enroll as soon as possible to secure a spot.

    You can expect to dedicate 1 to 2 hours per day to watch the video tutorials and complete the homework assignments.

    Developing a project involves various components, and it’s crucial to work on your homework diligently to ensure a successful outcome. Don’t hesitate to ask questions in the chat if you need any assistance.

    Please complete the form, and our team will assist you in resolving the issue regarding payment.

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