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Learn to Build Startups Using ChatGPT

Within a month, learn to launch your own online or cryptocurrency startup in any language.

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Code-Free Website Creation with ChatGPT

Create your own website without any coding knowledge and add any desired functionality.

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Resume Mastery with ChatGPT

Learn to perfect your resume in English and land a job anywhere in the world.

Neural Network Website Building

Create a website using a website builder and write texts using AI.

AI-Powered LinkedIn Optimization

Optimize your LinkedIn profile with AI and attract better job opportunities.

Business Plan Creation with ChatGPT

Learn what's involved in creating a business plan and use a neural network to write it out.

Crypto Project Creation with Neural Network

Become a startup founder and generate new breakthrough ideas using AI.

English Social Media Content Creation

Expand your social media audience with better content in English.



The course materials were easy to follow and concise, with a strong focus on practical learning. I appreciated the lack of unnecessary information and the emphasis on hands-on experience.


I was pleasantly surprised by how accessible the startup course was, even for someone with no prior professional knowledge. The detailed instructions made it easy to understand and implement the concepts.


The learning platform for the startup course was convenient and flexible, allowing me to study at my own pace. I appreciated the hassle-free experience and would highly recommend it to others.


Andrei Aristov




It all started with my love for programming. Seven years ago, I was just a regular guy with a hobby. But now, I'm the founder behind thriving startups targeting the US market.

Canadian entrepreneur and investor

A graduate in Applied Sciences from the University of Waterloo

The overall number of clients across all projects

68 402

Services were provided to clients from over

110 countries

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